Introducing the Winesteward

A great new product, recently launched at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Orlando is the WineSteward by Vinotemp.

Aside from being able to store, cool, preserve and conveniently dispense wine from four bottles like the high-end restaurant style wine dispensing systems, I love that the unit can be built-in – well, maybe. ( I’ll get more into that later.)

The Wine Steward from Vinotemp

Inspired by sleek European design, the Vinotemp WineSteward is as eye-catching as it is functional. The dispenser features a purposefully
slim stainless-steel frame. The use of less stainless steel to frame the dispenser’s insulated glass door adds to its sleek, modern design
aesthetic because it allows more glass to be exposed – making it possible to beautifully showcase each bottle stored in its entirety.

Access to the left side of the unit must be available for changing out the argon/nitrogen inert gas bottle. According to the specifications, suitable bottles are non-refillable with a threaded neck. The cartridge must have a diameter not exceeding 45 mm and a length not to exceed 140 mm.

Its proprietary compressor-based cooling and dispensing technology has more cooling capacity than thermoelectric versions, the company says, and the WineSteward’s preservation system ensures each bottle can be enjoyed for up to 45 days.

BioBlu blue LED interior lighting helps reduce growth of bacteria and mold. The unit’s 20-degree temperature range (45° F to 65° F) provides proper storage and ensures ideal serving temperatures for various wines.

The New WineSteward from Vinotemp keeps open wine for up to 45 days.
Note: the stainless unit does not have the tray at the top

The new Vinotemp WineSteward measures 16-7/20″W x 17-9/20″D x 24-11/20″H and its MSRP is $1695 which is much less than the Dacor WineStation I reviewed a while ago.

WineSteward Specifications

As a designer, I’m disappointed by the WineSteward Specifications. The website mentions that the unit is “freestanding or built-in  (built-in installation requires back air circulation)” However, it does not say how much space in the rear is required.  Is a standard tall cabinet depth of 23-23.5″ okay? Furthermore, the owner’s manual states that 5″ clearance must be provided on all sides to ensure proper air circulation. Design professionals do not want to specify a product for any client that might have its motor burn-out within the first year or two. By the way, the unit is only warranted for 12 months – the same as Dacor.

Another oddity is that the power switch and pressure gauge is on the back of the unit according to the manual. To overcome this inconvenience you’ll want to make sure it is on its own dedicated 15 amp circuit. Vinotemp also recommends unplugging the unit  for cleaning and maintenance. Unfortunately, the cord length and position are not given so it is unknown if the outlet can be placed in an adjacent cabinet for access.

The New Wine Steward from Vinotemp can be built-in
Note the new slim stainless-steel frame

Lastly, the appliance in the red kitchen appears to have a stainless trim kit but I did not find it listed on their website. I prefer this look and with the savings over other wine dispensing units, a custom trim kit could be ordered from a kitchen specialist to make your unit look more streamlined.

What do you think? Do you prefer to drink wine by the glass? Is this what your kitchen or wet bar has been missing. Tell me your thoughts.   Cheers!


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