Zero-Gravity Bathing

Although 9 out of 10 people admit to using their cellphone in the bathroom, it’s still the room people use to disconnect from the connected world.

You might know Toto as the company that makes fancy toilets. Now, they will be known as the company that developed the world’s first zero-gravity bath in which bathers experience total weightlessness. 

Just imagine floating tension-free in your own bath!

Zero-gravity Bathing

Modern Wellness

As a generation, we are working longer, playing harder and three out of four of us have felt so stressed in the last year we’ve felt ‘overwhelmed’ or ‘unable to cope’ according to the Mental Health Foundation.

In 2018 the line between constructive self-care and pure anxiety trigger (as in, just another thing on your already-jammed to-do list) became blurrier. In the age of social media and particularly Instagram, if you don’t take an in-studio selfie, did your workout even happen? When your wellness routine is stressing you out, things need to change.

2019 is sure to be another exciting moment in our collective wellness journey.
And as we continue to take wellness more seriously, “intelligent recovery” will become the new emphasis. This new wave of self-care will use technology post work-out to help us soothe sore muscles, clear the mind, increase sleep and de-stress.

The Flotation Tub with Zero Dimension Technology

After more than a decade of dedicated research on body positioning, bathing, and neurological relaxation, TOTO has discovered that by placing the body in a specific reclining posture the bather is put into a state of deep muscle relaxation – it mimics the position of astronauts sleeping in zero gravity.

Zero-gravity BathingMassaging jets

The high-tech Flotation Tub with Zero Dimension Technology has been proven to put the bather in a meditative, low-frequency brain wave state similar to what is experienced in a deeply relaxed mental state.

Remaining steadfast in its commitment to create a culture of clean, comfortable living through its innovative products and advanced technologies, TOTO  is sure to capture the wellness market with it’s Zero Dimension tub.

The Zero Dimension tubs features Hydrohands® massaging water jets.
Hydrohands is a dynamic water massage that flows randomly around targeted muscles to release tension. This powerful, constantly-moving stream gives the stimulating sensation of real hands kneading tired muscles. For deeper relaxation, TOTO designed the water jets to be soundless.

Zero-gravity Bathing

The innovative Flotation Tub with Zero Dimension is constructed of Galaline, TOTO’s proprietary man-made marble material and fiber reinforced polymer made to retain heat. It’s dimensions are 86-5/8″L x 41-516″W x 30-11/16″H and holds 77.5 gallons of water.

The Zero Dimension bathtub is definitely a more stylish alternative to having a float tank, like those used at Spas, in your master suite. It lists for $19,269.00.

As a lifestyle designer, I strive to increase my knowledge about technology in the home and share with you products and designs that can be used to enrich your personal experience. I’d love to hear your comments on how you are incorporating wellness into your home.

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