Old World Style Kitchens

If your taste in decor is more Old World than Contemporary but you find hunting down antiques can be a bit tiring then look no further.  Habersham Home’s custom cabinetry in rich finishes and hand-painted lacquers combine to bring you seamless livable looks with modern conveniences such as concealed built-in refrigerators.

Habersham likes to refer to their kitchen furniture as having “Grand European Casual Styling.”

Old World Kitchen Cabinetry | KitchAnn Style

Old World Kitchen Cabinetry | KitchAnn Style

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  1. I’ve never had an issue with any of the items I’ve sold. Most people tell me they think they quality is much better than stock items commonly imported. They used to make their drawer runners like those found in furniture which was not popular with the kitchen cabinets.

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