Universal Toilet

Univesal toiletHave you ever looked at something and wondered why it took so long for someone to create it?  That’s how I feel about this universal toilet.  It is more elegant in design and more functional than any product currently on the market.

The designers, Changduk Kim and Youngki Hong of Korea, designed this toilet to address the emotional components of being disabled. Their view is that by creating a toilet that is equally useable by everyone, there is no longer a need for special signage or for disabled people to feel singled out by dedicated facilities.

Wheelchair users don’t need to turn or twist but can simply slide forward off the wheelchair directly onto the toilet. There is a chest board they can lean against for added stability and comfort. Handles on the chest board can also be helpful when standing or transferring to and from the wheelchair. For people that have limited dexterity or strength and the able-bodied, the chest board becomes a backboard to lean against.

The toilet is wrapped in steel to prevent damage to the toilet’s finish from possible wheelchair contact. Surfaces on the toilet that come in contact with the human body are treated with a special coating to mitigate coldness.

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  1. I work with people with disabilities and this is great. I’ve had to assist with personal needs and you do have to get used to being up close and personal. No pun intended, but NS! WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE THINK ABOUT THIS SOONER?

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