Using a Glass Divider in Small Kitchens

We’ve all seen glass dividers in our favorite restaurants.  They give us a glimpse of what’s being prepared in the kitchen without the distraction of the noise or heat.  Have you ever considered putting the same concept in your kitchen?

Here’s an apartment in Stuttgart designed for a graphic designer featuring a glass divider.  The glass protects anyone seated at the banquette from any pops or splatters at the cooktop.  It also makes the range hood more effective at catching steam and odors.

ippo2.jpg ippo3.jpg

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  1. Wow. Thunderbolt of inspiration just hit me thanks to your post. I hope to someday be able to open up my kitchen more to the rest of my apartment, but knocking down walls wouldn’t leave enough room for the stove and much-needed lower cabinets. But if I just knocked out the top half of the wall and replaced it with glass, it would visually open the space but still give the stove and cabinets something behind them. Thanks!

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