7 Fresh Kitchen Banquettes

We install banquettes in our homes for many of the same reason restaurants use booths – they are efficient uses of space.

We enjoy sitting in banquettes because of their intimacy and comfort. The built-in bench seating, sometimes referred to as nook seating, is a great place to gather for a casual meal, settle in for homework time, or relax with a cup of coffee.

Curved Kitchen Nook Inspiration | KitchAnn Style

When planning a banquette, usually the table is 30″ high and the seat is 17″ – 18″ high. The bench, not counting the back is at least 18″ deep. The rear of the banquette should be at least 16″ high to comfortably support the back.

Integral Island Banquette Inspiration | KitchAnn Style

Banquettes work great in corners but they can also be attached to an island. If you aren’t ready to commit to a built-in, an upholstered bench can provide the feeling of a banquette.

 Kitchen Banquette Bench | KitchAnn Style

Round tables are easiest to maneuver around and since there are no corners, you are not likely to bang your hip as you might with a rectangular shape.

 Small Kitchen Banquette Bench | KitchAnn Style

The table edge usually overlaps the bench by 3-4″. This can vary depending upon the size of the user. Children may require the table to be closer than adults.

Wooden Kitchen Banquette Bench | KitchAnn Style

A lesser known attribute of banquettes is that they can help with the acoustics of your space. Taller banquette backs are also a great way to mix in interesting shapes and more visual texture.

High Back Kitchen Banquette Bench | KitchAnn Style

1″-2″ foam cushions are typical for seat cushions. Often individual throw pillows are used for added comfort or a pop of color.

Narrow Kitchen with Banquette Bench | KitchAnn Style




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