Hot and Cold

In April 2013 you will be able to get the New GE Café™ French Door refrigerator that will be able to dispense both chilled and hot water.

A refrigerator that heats water is an industry first. GE offers a unique solution for homeowners who don’t have much cabinet space under the sink for a hot water dispenser.

The dispense is not an Instant Hot. You will have to wait a few minutes according to GE. Four pre-programmed options will be available from the door panel or you can select a custom temperature.

Since the dispenser opening is large enough to set a mug and walk away, I can see how this might appeal to a busy mom who wants to steep her tea while she’s getting her children off to school in the morning.

French Door Cafe Refrigerator | KitchAnn Style

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  1. Good news! My kitchen is soo small, you can’t fall down. And, yes, I drink a lot of green tea, as we are all supposed to be doing. An appliance dealer told me this week that GE is making certain appliances in America. Go GE!

    Helen Anne Wilson, RID – Kitchen/Bath & Interior Design

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