Flos Lighting

A great kitchen design needs quality lighting. No matter how stylish your home looks, you won’t want to use your new kitchen if it is dark – especially at night.

I first wrote about Flos Lighting in 2007 (have I really been blogging that long?) in a post featuring the Arco Floor lamp positioned over a kitchen island. I think I like the idea a whole lot more now than I did then. The light comes in both incandescent and LED options.

Kitchan Style | Flos Arco

If you prefer pendant lights for lighting your kitchen island, the Fucsia pendant is a great choice. It is not only stunning to look at, it will light your work surface beautifully.

KitchAnn Style | Flos Fucsia pendant

These lights have a blown glass diffuser with a sandblasted edge and a silicone ring at the bottom to prevent movement.  They come in single purchase size or in groupings of 3, 8 or 12.

KitchAnn Style | Lighting

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