Signature Kitchen Suite Experience and Design Center

It’s been a whirlwind of a week. I went from preparing for Hurricane Dorian to packing for a trip to Napa, California for appliance training with Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS) in their brand new state of the art Experience and Design Center.

SKS interactive kitchen center in Napa
Signature Kitchen Suite Interactive Cooking Center

SKS embodies innovative design and premium service catering to a new generation of forward-thinking cooks — who LG calls Technicurians.

SKS further caters to this new group of socially conscious food consumers by assuring they get the technology performance they expect with Wi-Fi enabled real-time monitoring and diagnostics services combined with a five-day repair or replace service policy. Read that again – Signature Kitchen Suite stands behind their commitment to ensuring your food is stored and prepared in the best possible way by helping you to diagnose and fix problems as fast as possible.

Signature Kitchen Suite Dining Room with Wine Columns
Signature Kitchen Suite Dining Room with Wine Columns

If you collect wine, you know that extreme heat or temperature/humidity fluctuations can rapidly damage your valuable wine collection. I feel comfortable telling clients that SKS’s exclusive Wine Cave Technology provides protection from wine’s four biggest threats – vibration, light, and variations in temperature and humidity. Mechanical vibration can damage delicate wines, such as pinot noir. SKS’s  inverter linear compressor and metal interior help minimize the vibration to less than 2 gal(cm/s2).

Using the SKS’s True Sommelier™ App, powered by Wine Ring, you can manage your collection with photos of labels and notes on shelf placement. If you are interested in wine recommendations, the AI software learns your preferences to become a virtual sommelier. If you snap a photo of a label the next time you’re buying wine, the app will tell you if you’ll like it based on your likes and dislikes.

Signature Kitchen Suite Experience and Design Center easy control panel

Product experts and onsite executive chef Nick Ritchie provided my group with hands-on training bringing the Technicurean lifestyle to life. Regardless of cooking ability, everyone was able to intuitively set the range temperatures and timers on individual burners.

Signature Kitchen Suite’s line of in-demand appliances demonstrates an appreciation for quality ingredients and for people who love food and care about where it comes from.

I was already a fan of the SKS 48″ Professional Range. Now, I’m super excited about the new 36″ Professional Dual-Fuel Range with built-in Sous Vide cooking and (the industry’s largest) steam assist convection oven.

Just like it’s larger brother, the 36″ range comes with an ergonomic articulating handle, speed clean, full glass door, built-in digital timer/heat indicator on each knob, zero clearance installation and four point level adjustability from the range top, This is such great news for my remodel clients interested in healthy living who just don’t have four feet to dedicate to their cooking appliance.

Signature Kitchen Suite Experience and Design Center
Signature Kitchen Suite Experience and Design Center

Everyone still wants their kitchens to look great and not have to worry about serviceability. SKS helps consumers feel at ease with an industry leading 3 year warranty. And, because LG is a technology company, they understand the importance of not only Smart Home integration but also what is necessary to keep your network secure.

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Note: The costs associated with this training event where covered by SKS but the opinions  on the company and the products are my own.

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