Medicine Cabinets sold at Lowes and The Home Depot Recalled

RSI Home Products is recalling 8,600 medicine cabinets due to mirrors detaching and causing a laceration hazard.

Three styles are involved in this recall: Estate by RSI and Insigniafor Lowes and MasterBath for the Home Depot.

Consumers should remove the cabinets and contact RSI for replacement mirrors.

Contact RSI toll-free at (888) 774-8062  or visit: or

Medicine Cabinets recalled at Lowes and Home Depot

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  1. i am writing in regards to this very medicine cabinet.i am having other problems with it such as the mirrors have a hard time opening due to they are warped and when looking in them you look like you are looking at yourself in the fats mirrors at the carnival.

  2. I have a tri-fold mirror(37 1/2″ at Lowe’s and all three mirrors are coming apart / warped. One has seperated totally. I called to get replacement mirrors like the recall said and they say I need a model number. Where is that located? I don’t see it on my cabinet. Anybody have answers to my question? or is this just a way for the manufacturer to get out of replacing the mirrors—–

    1. Model number is on the receipt. I had it when I called over 7 YEARS after buying the medicine cabinet and had no problems getting them replaced within 3 days at no cost.

  3. I’ve got the same problem………. tried to get replacment mirrors and got some ridiculous run-around…… they say that I must have the product number that was located on the box…. as if they wouldn’t know their own product number. Total rip-off !!

  4. We have one of the medicine cabinets described above. Ours is the 48″ wide and 36″ high. It is a tri door cabinet. One of the hinges broke and the door fell off. I see that it is a recall. what can we do to replace it or repair the broken hinge?

    1. I was using a tri-door medicine cabinet (which looks like the one pictured above) and the hinge also broke. The metal actually cracked in half–with no pressure or force whatsoever–simply while gently opening and closing the door. The owner of the unit is taking me to small claims court to pay for the replacement of her faulty cabinet, so I am very interested about other stories of these breaking hinges.

  5. One of the three mirrors on my cabinet broke exactly as described in the recall – hinge broke, and mirror fell. I called RSI at the number listed here and they sent a set of replacement mirrors with a new hinge design, within two weeks, no charge. I did not have a receipt or model number and they gave me no grief – just asked me to describe the product (size, number of mirrors, etc.) The new mirrors are thicker, but have no backing like the old ones so overall they are thinner – which means they are not closing straight. I will have to do some tinkering to get them straight – I am not a handy person. But overall, I am pleased with the company’s response. I liked the look of the old mirrors better, but considering I had no injuries and no money out of pocket, I’d say it turned out fine.

  6. I just got off the phone with this company and found they were no help whatsoever and will not do anything without a model number. Crappy product my wife gets her had cut because they make an inferior product and then no help to fix the situation. I am going to make sure I tell all of my friends about this company. Very upset.

  7. My medicine cabinet mirrors also warped and broke as described above (37 1/2″ width). You need a record of your purchase at HD (mine was from 4 years ago so I had to have them search for the “purged file”). Be prepared to wait 15-30 minutes each for RSI and HD before getting a person. Ask for the RSI person’s email to send documentation and get your replacement mirrors.

  8. My cabinet hinge broke while washing the mirror and fell off. I was lucky that i caught it and that it wasn’t my 7 year old daughter that it happened to. Could have been disasterous. These are very dangerous. I won’t let my daughter use them until I get them replaced. I thought it was some random freak thing that happened only to me. I’m shocked that RSI is giving anyone a hard time about replacing. If my daughter or anyone else gets hurt due to their faulty cabinets, it will cost them far more than replacement mirrors.

  9. We Are SO DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS COMPANY’S CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Our one mirror door fell off the medicine cabinet and luckily my husband caught it. He contacted them three times. We emailed/sent pictures as we did not have box/model number of cabinet (Contractor disposed off and never gave us the model no) as instructed. Asked for confirmation of receipt of these-none received. They have yet to respond or tell us what we need to do regarding this “recall”. They know there is a problem but won’t do anything. It is now going on three weeks. Has anyone been able to get resolution from this company? Afraid to try opening the other doors, are they going to fall off too?!!! I agree with Jeff above if anyone in my family gets hurts because of these falling off, we will also pursue further action.

    1. I also had the mirror from the medicine cabinet fall off and it hit me in the forehead. I got a gash in my forehead and had a headache for three days. The top hinge bracket broke off at a weak point. Being a mechanical engineer I feel the cast bracket that is mounted to the mirror with two rivets is a weak design that is going to fail. It broke where the thin feature meets the thicker part of the bracket. I have the same type cabinets in both bathrooms. I inspected the other mirror doors and found another one ready to break.

      I spent two hours at Lowes with them finally wanting me to special order a new cabinet and PAY for it. Then returning the original cabinet to get my money back. There was no compensation for my time and effort! And the new cabinet is not the same. The mirrors are not beveled and the hinge will show on the outside. This is not the product the wife and I picked out. I plan to contact Lowes, RSI and the BBB with a complaint and look for a better made product made somewhere else.

      FYI: Everything is getting made cheap these days. Companies only worry about the bottom line $$$.

      1. Call the number listed on this website. Our mirror was purchased in 2006 (over 7 YEARS ago) and I just gave them the model number off the receipt that I’d kept and within 3 days had a new set of mirrors at no charge.

    2. Yes, I called the number listed and within 3 days had replacement mirrors at no cost. I had my receipt and just read the model number off of it to their representative.

  10. Unbelievably great service. I called about a medicine cabinet that we bought in 2006 (it’s January 2014 now). The middle of 3 mirrors fell off, broken at the hinge exactly as described in this recall. I got online to see if it was possible to order a replacement mirror and ran across this recall notice. Not expecting anything, I decided to call and ask about the possibility of buying a replacement since it had been a number of years since we bought the mirror even though I still had the receipt. In a matter of moments, the representative told me that she would send us a replacement mirror at no cost. Shipment would take 6-10 working days. Three days later not only was the replacement mirror delivered but the two side mirrors as well. Good thing too since one of the side mirrors broke off when we were replacing it. How ironic was that? I called to thank them for such excellent service and inquired about the mirrors in our other bathroom since we had bought another medicine cabinet a year later and it had the same kind of mirrors. The replacement mirrors are made completely different and much lighter so we were now concerned about the other one. Once again, in a matter of moments I was told they would also replace those mirrors and given a confirmation number. We still can’t believe this totally great service that is so rarely seen these days. You can be sure we are now RSI customers for any future products.

  11. If you get replacements, are they the mirrors on the doors or the doors with the mirros? And who’s to say they won’t fall off again?

    1. They are completely redesigned doors and much lighter than the other ones. Granted they aren’t as attractive as the beveled mirrors on the original one. But I will take safety first and they serve the purpose. No guarantee that something couldn’t happen again but between the difference in the weight and the way these are made, I doubt there will be similar problems.

  12. I have the exact med cabinet as shown in the above photo and I got the replacement in 8 days. And I hope my positive experience can help the next individual. Below is what I did…..
    – Called the customer service line
    – Explained to the rep that I do NOT have the model number since this cabinet came with the house I bought in 2012.
    – I was told to email a photo to, and someone will respond to me within couple days.
    – Besides the photo and I also attached a drawing with measurements.
    – ~5 hours later, I received an email response that replacement was on the way (with a confirmation number) sending to me at no cost and I should expect to receive it within 8 days.
    – And I got the replacement on the 7th day.

    I would have to say this is one of the best customer service experience I have so far.

  13. I have the three mirror bath cabinet purchased at lowes understand they had recall on them. two of the hinges on two mirrors broke off one mirror fell and broke. going to call rsi and see what can be done

  14. I just had the mirror doors to my 3 bathroom vanities replaced. I received exceptional customer service from RSI. The doors were sent at no cost to me and arrived within approximately 10 days after making contact. Jeannie at RSI provides excellent service!.

    I emailed them, and included:
    3 photos of the vanities
    exact measurements of the sets of doors and vanity size.
    Receipt information

    I only found one receipt that was legible, the ink had faded from the other one, so I did include only the one item number in my email. I originally bought my mirrors in 2004 when we renovated our home.

    I received a response from one day to the next.

    Email them at:

  15. I am very pleased with RSI home products. I contacted them with my problem (broken bracket) and sent them emails with photos to confirm my issue and model. Received new mirrors and brackets within 1 week. No problems and customer service was excellent. You will need 2 people assembling the new mirrors.

  16. I am having to pay $82. for replacement mirrored doors on my medicine cabinet after the middle door came off in my hands – luckily I wasn’t injured! Even though I have the model number that was recalled, because I couldn’t provide a proof of purchase from 14 years ago, they will not replace them free of charge. In other words, it’s just considered normal wear and tear. I will steer clear of this brand in the future!

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