Narrow Vinotemp Wine Cooler

If you haven’t seen the Vinotemp 7-Bottle Mirrored Wine Cooler you’ll  be glad to know there is finally a solution for building in a wine cooler when you’re tight on space.

Narrow Wine Cooler | KitchAnn Style

Vinotemp’s exclusive Mirrored Wine Cooler features Dynamic Cooling mode, Silent cooling mode, touch screen temperature control and a blue LED lit interior.

The unit holds approximately 7 750ml bottles. I assume Vinotemp uses the word “approximately” because the bottle on the bottom shelf cannot be longer than 12″.

The unit measures 5.8”W x 20.6”D x 34.2”H. It can be used free-standing or built-in provided there is 1/4″ clearance for air circulation.

Narrow Wine Cooler | KitchAnn Style

For now the unit only comes mirrored and right hinged. The model retails for $499.00. Boat owners may actually find this unit more appealing than homeowners with small kitchens or wet bars.




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  1. This is so cool! I haven’t come across one of these yet, and I think it’s truly elegant. I love the idea of having one of these on a boat too!

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