2015: The Year Ahead in Bathroom Design

This year brought us the use of matte black fixtures in the bathroom with the declined use of oil-rubbed bronze. Matte gold finish gained ground in fixtures, lighting and accessories – especially in higher end homes.

In 2014 contemporary bathroom design requests surpassed traditional. For 2015 I expect clean, contemporary design will still be most popular with curbless showers and suspended vanities incorporated into designs for continuous sleek tile floors.

LED lighting will not only be used in lighting fixtures on the ceilings and walls but also underneath suspended vanities and recessed to accentuate free-standing tubs.

My prediction for the most significant shift in 2015 will be in the request for semi-recessed tubs.

2015 Bathroom Trends: Semi-Recessed Tubs | KitchAnn Style

Homeowners want bathrooms that are easier to clean and the corners and crevices behind free-standing tubs can be difficult to reach. Installing a tub in a semi-recessed design allows the bathroom to look more spacious and modern while eliminating the need to clean behind the tub.

2015 Bathroom Trends: Semi-Recessed Tubs | KitchAnn Style

In addition to providing easily accessible storage for bath salts and other bathing items, the partial platform allows for additional plumbing options for the tub filler placement.

2015 Bathroom Trends: Semi-Recessed Tubs | KitchAnn Style

The semi-recessed tub installation requires skilled installers that can carefully craft a deck that follows the contour of the tub.

2015 Bathroom Trends: Semi-Recessed Tubs | KitchAnn StyleAs the 2015 progresses, more manufacturers will make installation easier by offering half-skirts to consumers. Cladding the surrounding decking will become faster and easier.


The semi-recessed tub can also be installed at variable heights providing customization for homeowners and plumbing solutions for drain configuration in bathroom remodeling.

Leave a comment if you think this trend will take off or if you think it’s too custom to get a foot-hold and will flop.  Here’s to a prosperous and creative 2015!

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  1. These are some great ideas for a bathroom remodel. I really like the picture of the black bathtub, I’d love something like that in my own bathroom! It’s so true: homeowners want bathrooms that are easy to clean. I really like the idea of having a semi-recessed tub. They definitely make a room look a bit more spacious and modern. About how much do these tubs cost?

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