Graham & Brown Color of the Year 2020: Adeline

The UK’s leading wallpaper and paint specialist Graham & Brown announces both a Wallpaper of the Year and a Color of the Year for 2020.

For the new decade, the Graham & Brown specialists have combined an archival design and contemporary color palette to create the Graham & Brown Wallpaper of the Year: Bloomsbury Neo-Mint and Color of the Year: Adeline.

Graham & Brown Color of the Year 2020: Adeline paint mixed with wallpaper example
The Bloomsbury Neo Mint Wallpaper is basically the Victorian meets Boho pattern that Pinterest has been waiting for.

The two selections highlight a key interiors theme that Graham & Brown color and trend specialist Paula Taylor found during her 2020 trends research: a growing desire to dive into historical archives and use the aesthetics of the past to inform the designs of the future.

Biophilia Trend

Biophilic design can reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and expedite healing; as the world becomes more isolated due to technology, these qualities are ever more important.

As we continue to migrate towards busy urbanized spaces, it is becoming more and more important to bring the outside in and channel the healing properties of nature. In 2020, we are seeing floral designs take a maximalist turn, with bold bright colorways and layered patterns inspired by an eclectic range of design schools and art movements.

Graham & Brown Bloomsbury wallpaper example
Bloomsbury Noir bathroom remodel by Lily Sawyer

It turns out that art, like a mirror, reminds us of our humanity and place in nature—especially figurative art depicting human forms or shapes culled from the natural world.

Graham & Brown Color of the Year 2020: Adeline furniture inspiration
Adeline Furniture Inspiration via Pinterest

In a truly natural environment, you’re never going to see just one element of nature isolated by itself.  Biophilia based design is about tricking our brains to feel like we’re in a natural environment, by triggering underlying patterns that we’re programmed to recognize and feel good in.

Color of the Year 2020: Adeline

Graham & Brown Color of the Year 2020: Adeline

Adeline is described as an oxygenating, fresh tone. It is less blue than recent Pittsburgh Paints Color of the Year 2019 Night Watch.

Graham & Brown  selected the name Adeline from the first name of Adeline Virginia Woolf, the pioneering author and founding member of the Bloomsbury Set.

Graham & Brown Color of the Year 2020: Adeline
via Pinterest

Full of personality, quick and stimulating, Adeline is the ideal shade for those who want their home to replenish with new energy.

Graham & Brown Color of the Year 2020 Adeline, tile inspiration
by Tom Blachford

Contemporary deep green tones like Adeline can make a dramatic statement in your master bathroom, especially when offset against metallic accents. I love the gold accents in this bathroom!

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