Low-Relief CaesarStone

CaesarStone has developed a sandblasting method for applying detailed stenciling to its quartz-engineered stone. The technique creates an extremely low-relief, tactile motif, playing polished against matte surfaces.

The sandblasting technique, made possible by CaesarStone’s immense strength, uses specialised machinery where dry abrasive sand is blasted at the material at high pressure allowing it to etch the surface. Decorative patterns can be applied to an entire slab, as a boarder or feature panel. Highly effective, this stunning textured surface is ideal for vertical surfaces, feature walls, counters tops, furniture or partitions in both commercial and residential design.

The textured sandblasted surface does require a little more care when cleaning; however it retains CaesarStone’s scratch and water resistant qualities.

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0 Replies to “Low-Relief CaesarStone”

  1. Is this finish just as durable? How do you clean it? Would it be practical to purchase it as just a residential consumer?

  2. CaesarStone is nonporous so when it is sandblasted the shiny polished surface is removed. You would clean it the same way but I would use not use it for flooring in a commercial setting with high foot traffic.

  3. I hadn’t seen this before, but really like it! I’ve blogged recently about Caesarstone’s Concetto line, which I loved at KBIS this year. (It’s a great alternative to polished granite for clients who still crave the high-gloss look.) This textured matte finish is very attractive and i would definitely consider using it when it becomes available here. (I’ll have to check with my local C’stone fabricator on this.)

  4. I am also very fond of the Concetto line, but have not heard of this before. What an interesting idea! I wonder if they will offer different patterns?

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