AkzoNobel Color of the Year 2018

Every year AkzoNobel brings together a panel of international experts from various disciplines of design to develop ColourFutures, the brand’s industry-acclaimed trend analysis and forecast.

AkzoNobel‘s Global Aesthetic Center, and its panel of international experts found a strong overarching trend of consumers wanting to transform their homes into spaces of retreat from the outside world.

Azkonobel Color of the Year 2018 | Heart wood | Kitchann Style

“As life gets faster, now is the time to press pause,” said Heleen Van Gent, Creative Director at the company’s Global Aesthetic Center. “Our home needs to be a place where we can turn down the noise, where we can nurture our values and recharge. Color can play a significant role in addressing the balance between outside clamor and inner calm.”

Last year the color experts selected Denim Drift as the color for the year 2017.  Denim Drift has risen to become the company’s third best selling color and they hope their Color of the Year 2018, Heart Wood, will have equal success.

Heart Wood, is a warm blush that pulls from “the tactile qualities of natural wood and leather,” according to the company, and aims to create a “welcome home” atmosphere. I’d describe it as being somewhere between smoky taupe and dusky mauve. It’s a more pink hue than Sherwin-Willaims color of the year 2017,  Poised Taupe.

AzkoNobel Color of the Year 2018 - Heart Wood's inspiration comes from beautiful, warm wood

AkzoNobel released four complementary color palettes, each featuring Heart Wood, that are designed so that, no matter what personality a homeowner has, the tones achieve balance and warmth in the home.

A Welcome Home

Heart Wood is the color representation of a “welcome home” – a place where we can shut the door to the outside world and step into a sanctuary that is uniquely ours.

  • Heart Wood Home combines shades of pale gray-pink, blues and browns along with bolder ink blues and purples. Pulling more from the unpredictable colors of natural wood and leather, this palette aims to be “calming and restorative,” bringing a little bit of the outside in.

The Heart Wood Home, the place where it feels right at ease, surrounded by the gentle, gray-pink tones of Heart Wood.

  • The Comforting Home aims to create a recharging environment by incorporating earth tones, combining clay influenced tones with the signature pink. The rich colors pull from materials such as silk or velvet, creating warmth.

The Comforting Home palette palette reflects the tones of earth and clay that unite with rose induce to calm the mind and senses.

  • The Inviting Home palette features the most cool tones out of this year’s lineup, with shades of blue, neutrals and greens aiming to support a clear mind and connection. These combinations are recommended for a space that’s meant for sharing with friends and family.

In the Inviting Home palette, the shades of blue overlap with the lightness of neutral and green-water colors.

  • The Playful Home captures pops of yellow and gold hues that are meant to spark and energize. This palette would be best used in a multi-functional space with natural textures and fun patterns.

The Playful palette combines yellow and green with different shades of gold that encourages a creative approach to life.

How to use Heart Wood

Heart Wood is a warm shade inspired by beautiful wood.

Heart Wood pairs will with cocoa and gold accents. Create a visually comfortable room by combing Heartwood with nourishing wood tones and supple leather.

This room is inspired by the Playful palette and brings a feeling of invigoation

The bright playful colors of this interior are grounded with a Heart Wood inspired rug – making this an ideal place to kick back and recharge.

The walls in this inspiration photo are very close to Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2018 Oceanside and the palette is very similar to the Colormix 2018 Connectivity palette.

Thanks to a bit of gray this pink is turned into neutral color, making it more adaptable.

Heart Wood looks warmer when paired with earthy clay, coal and dark blue. Here the two wall colors look effortlessly balanced.

Consider Heart Wood as an exterior color for a welcoming effect.

If you’re looking to do add some fresh curb appeal to your home, consider Heart Wood for your exterior paint. Heart Wood is a very welcoming color.

Create a soothing bathroom coming blue inspired by the sky and AkznoNobel Heart Wood

When Heart Wood is paired with pastels it is soothing and serene. The accessories in this bath are punched up in white and black for a nice contrast.

Try using Heart Wood in an unexpected color combination

image via These Four Walls

Although burgundy is not in the 4  color palettes, there is a close color in The Comfortable Home palette. I find when mixed with Heart Wood, the rose tones in the burgundy brings forth feelns of calm and steadiness. This modern combination is fresh and unexpected.

There are so many great Color of the Year choices, it will be hard to pick a favorite. Fortunately, many of them can be combined together for a personalized palette. Just as we are no longer slaves to fashion, technology and the internet have opened up new ways for us to explore and be more creative in color choices.

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