Coloring with Brintons

I don’t often discuss Interior soft goods such as carpet but I couldn’t resist sharing these fun coloring pages from Brintons – a global woven industry leader since 1783.

While March seemed to have gotten off to a rough start with a time change, a full moon and a Friday the 13th; it all seems a distant blur intermixed with April and May.  I feel like this month we could all really use a way to positively fill the time.

Brintons teamed up with Designer Stacy Garcia to bring you two coloring pages inspired by their latest design venture, Vantage by Stacy Garcia for Brintons.

For added inspiration, I’ve added some color palettes using pieces from the Vantage Collection.

The Happy Earth Palette

Coloring with Brintons using the Happy Earth palette for inspiration



The Aqueous Forms Palette

Coloring with Brintons using the palette Aqueous Forms palette for inspiration

The Electric Forest Palette

Coloring with Brintons using the Electric Forest palette for inspiration

“Inspired by biomimicry, Vantage looks to nature, emulating patterns found in environments weathered by hundreds of years of adaptation and natural selection. The patterns are thoughtfully crafted into a striking collection of axminster carpet designs.”

Feel like sharing your creations? Use #PressPauseWithBrintons #StayColorfulWithSG and#KitchAnnStyle on Instagram. Be sure to tag @BrintonsAmericas and @KitchAnn to share your finished coloring pages with us.

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