Colormix 2015 Inspiration: Buoyant

The colors of Buoyant are reminiscent of vintage floral patterns – light and deep greens, violets and a pop of coral. In addition to renewed optimism, the palette is also inspired by the natural healing of botanicals, as well as the incorporation of green spaces into even the most densely urban environments. When you return home from your daily grind, you will be surrounded not by colors of a concrete jungle, but by colors found in a lush rainforest or tropical garden.

Buoyant  - Colormix forecast 2015 | KitchAnn Style

We’ve weathered the recession and are finally seeing hopeful signs of growth and expansion. Our revived good spirits echo the optimism that followed World War II, when GIs returned home from exotic locales, bringing a wave of tropical prints and tiki-inspired looks,” says Jackie Jordan. “Like that era, we’re expressing our enthusiasm with big, bright florals in fashion and interiors.”

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Appliance Art

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