Each year, I cover  emerging palettes and design styles that reflect the changing landscape of interior design. I start my first in a series of posts with 5 palettes from Dunn-Edwards Paints.

Dunn-Edwards Paints has announced its 2022 Color + Design Trends, a collection of five distinct color palettes – Meraki, Retrouvailles, Mysa, Elysian, and Naturrensing – that celebrate simple pleasures, new possibilities, and optimism for the future.

“As a society, we’ve had to define a new normal over the past year, with shifting identities – both individual and collective.” “As we look to the future, we desire spaces that help us to re-energize and improve our mental and physical well-being. The Meraki, Retrouvailles, Mysa, Elysian, and Naturrensing collections reflect this sentiment, with calming hues that are grounding and familiar, yet feel fresh and new.” –Sara McLean, Color Expert and Stylist for Dunn-Edwards.


Greek Meraki [may-rah-kee] (adj)

Meraki  means to do something with total love, pure soul or creativity — when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.

2022 COLOR + DESIGN Trends from Dunn-Edwards Meraki palette
Meraki via Dunn-Edwards

Elements – Timeless and Sustainable materials combine with simple and ingenious objects to give us a pared-down esthetic with a touch  of soul. Muted Mediterranean-inspired hues encourage spaces of simplicity and healing.

2022 COLOR + DESIGN Trends from Dunn-Edwards Meraki inspiration
Casa Cook Hotel, Chanai


French Retrouvailles [Ruh-troov-eye] (n)

Rooted in the word “retrouver,” which literally means “to find something again,” the French word retrouvailles is a unique term that describes the fulfillment achieved when the cherished past and present merge.

2022 COLOR + DESIGN Trends from Dunn-Edwards Retrouvailles palette
Retrouvailles via Dunn-Edwards

Elements – Inspired by Bohemian tapestries, playful patterns and folk-inspired craftsmanship, the deep, rich colors of Retrouvailles evoke nostalgia with a modern twist. Clear colors reminiscent of summer vacations and outdoor dining create cheerful spaces. A colorful tapestry of twenty-first century life.

2022 COLOR + DESIGN Trends from Dunn-Edwards Retrouvailles inspiration
Studio Oink via SoLebIch


Swedish Mysa [mee-sa] (v)

Mysa is the Swedish hygge. The essence of mysa is the feeling of coziness, especially at home. It’s like being wrapped in a woolen blanket amid lighted candles.

2022 COLOR + DESIGN Trends from Dunn-Edwards Mysa palette
Mysa vis Dunn-Edwards

Elements – Like a walk through a lush garden, this array of botanically-inspired hues imbue a sense of harmony that radiates familial warmth. The palette contains both vivid and muted colors to create a chiaroscuro effect. Vintage-meets-glam accessories span decades to bridge opulence and comfort across time to delight all the senses.

2022 COLOR + DESIGN Trends from Dunn-Edwards Mysa inspiration
Beata Heuman via House & Garden


Greek Elysian [uh-li-zhn] (adj)

Derived from  the word Elysium, this Greek paradise was reserved for the heroes immortalized by the gods. Elysian describes a blissful heavenly place.

2022 COLOR + DESIGN Trends from Dunn-Edwards Elysian palette
Elysian via Dunn-Edwards

Elements – The soft pastels of the Elysian palette relate to a dreamlike voyage straying away from an analog world and shifting to an innovative digital realm. Future-forward in design, Elysian inspired spaces will mix ultra-comfort with multi-purpose functionality. Geometric shapes mix with poetically strange and distorted shapes realized with 3D printing and dream-like materials remind us of the joy of discovery.

2022 COLOR + DESIGN Trends from Dunn-Edwards Elysian inspiration
Nadia Olive Schnack via NY Times


Norwegian Naturrensing [nat-tur-en-sing] (n)

Similar to Shinrin-Yoku or forest bathing, Naturrensing is the sense of renewal and energetic purification one feels after having been in nature.

2022 COLOR + DESIGN Trends from Dunn-Edwards Naturrensing palette
Naturrensing via Dunn-Edwards

Elements – Open, organic, clean, and hopeful – the Naturrensing palette connects to the familiarity of soft earth tones. Primative and handmade pieces make thoughtful statements, connecting us to our own evolution and impermanence.

Embracing Naturrensing moves us toward investing in quality craftsmanship and purging artificial elements – instead of glorifying nature with overly stylized depictions.

2022 COLOR + DESIGN Trends from Dunn-Edwards Naturrensing inspiration
NYC Kips Bay Show House 2019, by Pappas Miron Design, photo Nickolas Sargent

The Naturrensing is my favorite Dunn Edwards palette, which do you love the most?

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