3D Carved Corian Wall Panels

Corian has certainly had its time in the spotlight.  In 2018 the company reintroduced itself under the new Corian Design brand name, moving from a traditional product-oriented business to a company dedicated to delivering design-oriented solutions that utilize a variety of different  surface materials, in addition to other design elements and custom-made solutions, to help clients transform their spaces.

Today, Corian is offering a wide portfolio of solutions from UV-resistant exterior facade panels to premade elements for the home in various materials, textures and light.

White Corian tub element
tub element

3D Carved Corian Wall Panels

The bathroom is one area with huge growth in Corian Design products.  It’s durability, nonporous surface and seamless integration  (just to name a few benefits) make it appealing to architects, designers and homeowners.

The Solid Surface material can be whatever you imagine it can be. Case and point are the fabulous 3D wall systems being created by M.R. Walls in Santa Monica, CA.

3D Carved Wall Panels: M.R. Walls + Corian shower
M.R. Walls

“Corian knows that at the heart of every design there is an element, a personality, a material, a color, a theme, a function that makes the space.”

Designed and made by Mario Ramano using patent-pending software technology and robotic CNC-type routing, M.R. Walls offers three different lines of solid surface wall panels: a Standard Line Collection, a Classic Line Collection and Custom Designs. All designs are quite stunning and highly inspirational.

3D Corian Wall Shaoer Panel
credit: Jason Speth
3D Carved Wall Panels: M.R. Walls + Great Wave Corian Pattern
M.R. Walls

The beauty of the system is that the M.R. Walls wall panels can be connected to make one massive surface, without the appearance of seams. Bonded together with matching adhesive, the walls are impervious to mold, virus, and bacteria.

3D Carved Wall Panels install example
M.R. Walls

M.R. Walls are easily installed in wet rooms, showers, kitchens… or can flow up and around windows and turn corners. In Mario’s ‘Wave House’, he fabricated biomimicry influenced wall and floor panels using a CNC set up in the garage.

3D Carved Wall Panels: M.R. Walls + Corian inside wave house
Wave House, credit:  Brandon Arant

The demand for immersive, contextual architecture and experiences will be driving design in the next decade. Top thinkers and innovators will be forging the way creating unique spaces and products that can be fabricated locally with 3D printing and  software reducing transportation costs and environmental impact.

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