Behr Reveals 2020 Color Trends Palette

Behr Paint has unveiled its 2020 Color Trends Palette: a balanced mix of grounding shades, energizing bright colors, deep accent hues and atmospheric pastels, developed for both residential and commercial applications. This new palette of 15 approachable colors, told in three stories—Worldhood, Restore and Atmospheric is small compared to the recent palettes releases by Pantone and Sherwin-Williams for 2020.

According to Behr, the colors reflect consumers’ longing for more well-rounded lives. “2020 marks the start of a new decade, and with that comes a desire for balance—both at home and at work,” Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr.


These rich hues offer depth and brightness, providing a rooted and connected experience while deepening the overall warmth of a space. “Colors within Worldhood create an inviting environment, perfect for the hospitality industry,” says Woelfel. “Customers of restaurants, hotels and other businesses will feel drawn to the rustic tones inspired by exotic travels that reflect natural rugged landscapes.”

Behr Reveals 2020 Color Trends Palette paint examples

This color story includes: Rumba Orange M230-7, Charismatic PPU6-14, Bubble Shell S160-3, Cider Spice S210-5 (not shown), and Red Pepper PPU2-02.

Behr Reveals 2020 Color Trends Palette kitchen example
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These colors surround people with serenity and provide restorative qualities to encourage balance. The purposeful combination of blues and greens speak to the senses by celebrating the outdoor environment. “Blues and greens create a soothing sanctuary, which is why we recommend them for healthcare and hospitality environments,” says Woelfel.

Behr Reveals 2020 Color Trends Palette paint examples

This color story includes: Secret Meadow S360-6, Back To Nature S340-4, Light Drizzle N480-1, Bluebird PPU15-12, and Dragonfly PPU12-03.

Behr Reveals 2020 Color Trends Palette kitchen inspirationBy Kandace and Kole


Modern with layered compositions of subtle pastels and neutrals, this family of colors results in a dynamic yet deliberate color story appeal. “The Atmospheric palette resounds with both modern and traditional environments, making it a great choice for multifamily housing or other commercial spaces,” says Woelfel.

Behr 2020 Color Trends Palette paint examples

This color story includes: Dusty Lilac N110-1, Creamy Mushroom PPU5-13, Painter’s White PPU18-08, Battleship Gray N360-4, and Graphic Charcoal N500-6.

Behr Reveals 2020 Color Trends Palette interior example
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The new collection of 15 tending hues encompasses themes of wellness and wellbeing, connected experiences, inviting environments, and deliberate color stories. Whether traditional or modern, you’re sure to find a palette that inspires your next project.

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