Corian Countertops with Wireless Charging Built In

Through a partnership with the Power Matters Alliance (PMA), DuPont Building Innovations  will soon begin embedding Powermat’s wireless charging technology within its Corian solid surface material.

Powermat displayed its own tabletop charging concept at CES but this step is an innovation first in Building Materials.

Corian Wireless charger | KitchAnn Style

I imagine this will very popular in public spaces such as airports, bars, coffee houses and hotels. (Powermat already has a European alliance that includes wireless charging at cafes, hotels airports and select McDonaldsEurope.) It may lead to a new surge of Corian use in the home. I can think of many ways I’d incorporate it into an office area or the laundry room and mud room which are so often the catch-all area for many homes.

Corian Meeting Table | KitchAnn Style

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