Artfully Repurposed Woods

It ‘s been a little over a year since I first wrote about Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library (VDL) and their tone on tone and mid-century pattern options. Now, I’m excited to share their new collection that can best be described as Modern Marquetry.

Wilsonart’s Artfully Repurposed Woods Collection, part of the VDL, adds 23 new finishes that tell a story of America’s spirited history while honoring sustainability practices.

The Artfully Repurposed Woods collection combines beautifully weathered woodgrain patterns as well as designs inspired by the resurgence of craft and pattern through the Maker movement.

Wilsonart - Artfully Repurposed Woods | KitchAnn Style

A great advantage of Wilsonart’s superb inkjet technology is the ability to keep costs down compared to intricate inlays done by hand. Wilsonart also does not have to worry about board selection like some artisans and designers might.

Wilsonart - Artfully Repurposed Woods | KitchAnn Style

Another great asset of Wilsonart’s is their ability to capture today’s important looks and trends, while offering sustainable solutions.

By being able to create a collection that captures how artisans are reusing and repurposing materials Wilsonart is filling a void for those concerned with VOCs, indoor air quality and durability.

Wilsonart - Artfully Repurposed Woods | KitchAnn Style

Wilsonart Laminate is a high-performing non-porous surface for horizontal and vertical applications that provides a remarkably clean and scratch-resistant surface to work with.

“Because of the history of the craft, marquetry designs can easily fit in a traditional space full of antiques or in a more contemporary setting,” said Andrea Flint, Wilsonart Designer. “Modern marquetry and beautifully aged woodgrains add something unexpected to a space, and there is a real demand for that in the market.”

Wilsonart - Artfully Repurposed Woods | KitchAnn Style

Their weathered wood laminates would make a great full backsplash in today’s modern kitchen. It doesn’t absorb cooking odors nor spatter and it’s economical – perfect if you like to give your kitchen an update every few years.

Wilsonart - Artfully Repurposed Woods | KitchAnn Style
These on-demand wood patterns from the VDL can be created in weeks and are available in traditional matte,  glossy finishes and abstract textures.  You can customize virtually every surface and not have to worry about warping or cracking.

Another nice feature of this collection is that you’ll get four to five feet of material before the pattern starts to repeat.

Wilsonart - Artfully Repurposed Woods | KitchAnn Style

When it comes to educational and healthcare projects, High Pressure Decorative Laminates (HPDL) hold the best long-term value proposition. HPDL far surpasses wood and other traditional materials when compared for functionality, durability and harboring bacteria.

Many project specs require no-wax and GREENGUARD-certified products. Wilsonart’s laminates carry the UL GREENGUARD Gold certification and the  SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certification. Additionally, Wilsonart  was also first to earn Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain-of-custody certification in the HPL category.

Wilsonart - Artfully Repurposed Woods | KitchAnn Style

So if you are looking for a new material to infuse something unexpected into today’s modern spaces, consider a wood laminate from the Wilsonart VDL.

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