New Year, New You

New year, new you. It’s a phrase we hear far too many times every January, as millions of people are bombarded with ads targeting drastic transformation of their lives.

Personal growth experts advise against setting major new year’s resolutions, and instead focusing on simpler and more specific ones that you’ll be more likely to achieve. Because while the pandemic means we might all be spending more time at home, that doesn’t mean we necessarily have more capacity to take on new challenges. In fact, we probably have less.

After the year we have had, a year in which our only moments of genuine, unadulterated happiness were when we were able to buy toilet paper; setting goals can be hard on anyone but it is never too late to start something new.

So what small changes could you make in 2021? Here are some suggestions.

Make minor dietary tweaks

Despite the slow-food recipes that made the rounds on social media, most people  these days just want healthy meals that are simple to prepare. Combi ovens ( a combination steam and convection oven) are a great way to feel better about the food you eat and how you prepare it.

Relying on super-heated steam to cook foods, these ovens require no fats, oils or other unhealthy additions when preparing a meal. About the size of a microwave—and built into a cabinet—these flexible appliances can steam fish and veggies, keep cooked foods warm and moist, and even proof bread dough.

New Year, New You | healthy cooking
via Bertazzoni


If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that we can live with less. There is a growing need for minimalism, daily meditation and the concept of lagom – “just enough.”

Mindful living in 2021 will be about declutter both our living spaces and our minds. Clearing your mind and environment may need to be done several times a year. Let’s be honest, we all let things pile up from time to time.

Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year Is Classic Blue
Cabinetry does double duty as storage for both the kitchen and living area – Living Kitchen 2019









Using a unifying color scheme keeps your minimal interior looking intentional and tidy. Employ the help of a professional to define your workflow and storage needs.

Spend at least one hour away from your phone every day

While the act of continuously scrolling through social media or surfing the web and taking in a constant torrent of bad news isn’t really new, it’s gotten new attention during the pandemic and even a new name: doomscrolling.

While we may feel more secure with 24/7 connectivity, there’s something deeper at play when we find ourselves constantly scrolling through social media and bad news headlines.  Our devices are wreaking havoc on our bodies and contributing to sleep procrastination.

New Year, New You | charging drawer for devices
Hidden Charging drawer in Kitchen Cabinetry. Designer: Ann Porter











Many people tout the benefits of digital detoxes at this time of year. But it’s not always easy to go completely cold turkey and abandon all technology for several days at a time, especially not when most people are working from home.

With that in mind, consider trying to spend at least one hour away from your phone every day. Having a charging drawer is a great way to place your devices out of sight so you are less tempted to pick them up.

Get Moving

This year, plenty of people are vowing to shed those pandemic pounds- but finding motivation to get up and going is harder than ever. Group workouts,  once highly motivating, have been replaced by workout subscriptions and apps. However, watching workouts or video chatting with a personal trainer can be difficult on a tiny screen.

Fitness mirrors are a great option for home gyms. While the appeal is that they can blend into your decor, you still need adequate floor space. I prefer workout mirrors that aren’t tied to one brand and allow you to stream your favorite apps. Look for accessories such as a bluetooth keyboard (less smudges to clean.)

New Year, New You | fitness mirror
Floor model fitness mirrors are easier to insall. Ask KSN about larger integrated mirrors.

Whether you’re squatting, saluting the sun, or busting out your favorite dance moves, start moving a little each day to develop a new habit and reach your goal.


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