Graham & Brown Color of the Year 2018

 Millennial Pink

I’ve been covering color trends and Color of the Year selections for years now and these posts are often my favorite. I’m pleased to announce I’m adding a new addition to the mix and this company is not primarily known for their paint. Graham & Brown is an international manufacturer know for their wallpaper and wall art. Real Fashionistas starved for color and design have long turned to Graham & Brown for decadent and grown up designs.

Looking ahead, Graham & Brown has unveiled a dusky pastel pink named “Penelope” as their Color of the Year for 2018With pink being all the rage right now, the color and wallpaper experts at Graham & Brown have identified this pink shade as “one step ahead of the millennial pink phenomenon.” Penelope pinpoints the color of the moment and adds a level of sophistication that catapults the shade into 2018.

With pink being all the rage right now, the colour and wallpaper experts has identified the pink paint shade as 'one step ahead of the millennial pink phenomenon.

This comforting blush color is the company’s first paint Color of the Year choice. Their choice was inspired by their Wallpaper of the Year 2018, PierrePenelope is inspired by the Greek Goddess, Penelope  who was celebrated for her faithfulness, patience and feminine virtue.

A beautifully hand painted blush Magnolia floral is inspiration for the Color of the Year 2018

This shade of pink is a sophisticated take on an otherwise feminine color that can be used anywhere in the home. Paler colors create a calming and nurturing palette.

Pink is all the rage right now. See Graham and Brown's 2018 Color of the Year

Penelope is not too warm nor too cool, making it easy to coordinate with just about any other colors or wood tones in your home.

Pink is all the rage right now. Paint a flea market find. See Graham and Brown's 2018 Color of the Year

Paint your flea market finds in this dusky pink and mix them with new accessories for a fresh update to your home. This adorable vanity is by Rebecca Sterling from Hertfordshire, England. You can check out her creativity and travel pics on Instagram.

Chicago Allis at Soho House - Color of the Year Inspration | Penelope

If you know Chicago, you might recognize this photo. The Allis at Soho House used to be an old belting factory. The interior is a perfect mix of eclectic charm with reclaimed floors, crystal chandelier and velvet furniture.

Gray neutrals and pink are like salt to caramel. - KitchAnn Style

Grayed neutrals teamed with pink are like salt to caramel.  It’s the perfect combination of visual flavors which make Penelope delicious for grown-up consumption.

Pink is all the rage right now, and this paint shade has been identified as 'one step ahead of the millennial pink phenomenon.

Chic and neutral, Penelope can stand alone or be dressed up when paired with gold or other metallic accents. Typically thought of as girly, this pink tile lends a modern twist to this kitchen with black cabinets.

I find Penelope to be more neutral and versatile than Pantone’s Rose Quartz, from 2016. It’s a bit lighter than AkzoNobel’s 2018 Color of the Year pick  – watch for that post to come soon.  Graham & Brown’s Penelope paint will extend the life of this 2017 Millennial Pink trend through next year and beyond.


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