Tile Trends 2015

I recently attended the Coverings trade show in Orlando. It was a terrific show with so much to see. Exhibitors come from all over the world to display the latest in colors, trends, manufacturing and technology.

There were a few stand-outs in design trends this year. Here’s the rundown.

Shape: Hexagon

Once considered more “retro” in design, hexagonal tiles are making a huge comeback; adding a unique element in designs modern to traditional. These tiles come in all sizes from small to large. 11″ tiles in porcelain seemed most popular at the show followed by 6-8″ wood-look porcelains.

Hexagon Tile Trends| KitchAnn Style
via Mission Stone and Tile

 Hexagon 2.0

It was pretty clear to this designer that the popular hexagon shape is transforming into new modern and geometric forms. Referred to as “cube” or “tumbling block” tile. Originally this pattern was made with three shapes of tile but technology allows a single tile to be printed or molded into 3-d reliefs for walls.

As part of my hexagon 2.0 trend I want to mention that many booths showed elongated hexagonal tiles, similar to the shape below, in stone-look porcelains and glass.

Tumbling Box Tile Design | KitchAnn Style

Shape: Lantern

The lantern tile is a softer take on the traditional arabesque tile. This tile became popular at previous shows in glass. This show I noticed a trend toward mixing smooth and textured porcelains with stone.

Water Jet lantern Tile | KitchAnn Style | 2015 tile trends
via MarbleSystems

Material: Mirror Mix

If stone and metal mixed mosaics were popular last year, the new favorite for mixed material mosaics at this show was Stone and Mirror using water jet technology. How gorgeous is this?

Water Jet Mirror Tile | KitchAnn Style

Wood: Textured

The faux wood tile trend is still going strong. At this show I saw tiles that were more realistic with a hand hewn feel. The wood tones were more taupe and gray with bleached tones to round out the collections. Can you see the hand-scraped texture in the picture below?

Wood Tile Trends at Coverings 2015 | KitchAnn Style
Via Dom Ceramiche

Wood Tile Trends at Coverings 2015 | KitchAnn Style

Texture: Matte

Porcelain tiles in concrete textures were everywhere. What really stood out about the decorative tiles was the softer matte texture mixed with small decorative relief. And of course, all of this is shown on the most popular shapes for 2015.

Coverings Texutred Tile | KitchAnn Style

 Color: Grays

If it weren’t obvious by most of the photos used, the most popular colors were grays and taupes. Expect to see an increase in the use of matte black tiles as 2015 continues.

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